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Royce 5’9″ responds Icewear Vezzo ‘s interview about him & Eminem




Icewear Vezzo has recently sat down with Math Hoffa and the crew on the latest episode of My Expert Opinion where the Detroit rapper talked about the misunderstanding he had with Eminem, which led to a phone call from Royce 5’9″.

During the interview, Icewear Vezzo said: “Eminem owes us nothing bro. And I think he was thinking we want something from him. We don’t want nothing from you bro. I practice when I preach. Every time a young ni–a come up in my city, I reach out and I’m like ‘ey bro what you need? Is it a verse? It’s a connection? It’s some advice?’ They appreciate that s–t. That s–t go a long way. So, sometimes that’s all it takes. At the end of the day, that’s EMINEM my ni–a! But that’s all it ever take bro. ‘Hey bro, look, I see you my ni–a. You doing good but this one where you going wrong, you can do this, you can’t do that, this s–t look good, that s–t don’t look good, all right my ni–a, I see you in 50 years.’ I’mma appreciate that s–t bro. That s–t would take me a long way. Cause I do that. That’s all it take. I feel like that s–t don’t cost nothing for nobody. Not saying he owns that to ni–as. It’s just being a boss. We don’t know nothing but few words my ni–a and if you don’t go that for us, it’s all love. But don’t feel awkward when we do get where we get and we push you out. Now we pushing you out. Now you ain’t part of this. Now you ain’t getting no credit for turning the city up. Where Detroit at right now, you ain’t getting none of this credit. We did that.”

Then he continued: “Royce 5’9″ that’s Em’s homie. Homies do a lot of s–t for ni–as. He put calls in. He ain’t talk about it. He don’t post about it. None of that s–t but Royce makes real phone calls. He show ni–as love. He get ni–as real game. He ain’t never had to give a ni–a a dollar or feature or some studio time. None of that s–t. We got our own money bro. And it don’t hurt to tap in and see where my mind at bro. It just takes a few minutes to check a ni–a temperature. I ain’t the only one who said something. We all say s–t about that. And I think we put Em in the position to make him feel like we expecting something or we think dude owe us and it ain’t that bro. So I synced him and it was all love and the first thing I though about was ‘oh you do know who I am?! Damn! Okay!'”

Royce cut the part of the video where Icewear Vezzo was talking about him and posted on Instagram with the caption: “Love and Respect @icewear_vezzo … We gon figure all of this out so we can put this narrative to bed. Once and for all… #DetroitVsEverybody.” And Vezzo replied in the comments: “Real respect.” You can check the post below:


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