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Icewear Vezzo responds Benzino mentioning him on Eminem diss record




Yesterday, Benzino released his second Eminem-diss track, “Rap Elvis,” which received an applaud from hip-hop community but almost everyone believes that he used a ghostwriter. Detroit’s own Icewear Vezzo also was not happy about the former co-owner of The Source magazine namedropping him in the song.

In the song, Benzino raps: “Icewear Vezzo said “yo Em don’t be showin’ the city love” Why you ain’t got no words for him, huh? He in your city, bruh.” Eminem and Icewear did have a little misunderstanding before. But the two met backstage at 50 Cent’s Final Lap Tour in Detroit and worked it out. Icewear explained what he really meant when he said that Eminem does not connect to young Detroit rappers in a multiple interviews, showed love to Em and called him one of the greatest rappers of all time. Thus, whatever Benzino raps here, is wrong.

Few hours after the “Rap Elvis” dropped, Icewear Vezzo responded Benzino on his Instagram: “I don’t think it makes sense that you brought me up in your diss song for the few reasons. Number one being I don’t second anything you said. And number two being, I’m never going to go against ni–a from my city for a ni–a for another city. I don’t move like that. I think you got the wrong impression of Detroit, Michigan and of who I am. I don’t work like that. Plus, I don’t disrespect or discredit who Eminem is. I’m real ni–a. What he did might never be done again. He’s top 5 lyricist dead or alive. Flat out. That s–t is not even arguable or debatable. He put ni–as from his era. I be speaking about my era.”

You can watch the video below: