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Benzino drops second Eminem diss-track “Rap Elvis”




Looks like Benzino is about to go on Nick Cannon mode. The former co-owner of The Source magazine has just dropped the second diss track, responding to Eminem’s jabs on “Doomsday Pt. 2”

“Rap Elvis” is the follow-up of “Vulturius,” the first diss-track that dropped couple of days ago. Even though Zino claimed that he’s too old for the rap, here we are, with the second diss track, accusing Eminem for clout chasing his name.

I was minding my business, you wasn’t making any type of noise these days, So a choice was made, clout chase Benzino and Coi Leray.” Zino raps. Then he continues: “Okay, you found 50 and you put 5 Detroit n-ggas / Rest in piece to the best one, the rest of them sound iffy / So let’s go down your stable, Gun left your label / Benny left your label, Con left your label, Royce left your label / Joe Budden left your label, Ortiz left your label (Damn) / Crooked I couldn’t save you, Yelawolf been out her floppin’ (nah) / And where the hell Ca$his been at though? / Only heard from Obie Trice only twice and not a word from Stat Quo / With all them false lines you pitched them / Shady records sound like less of a name and more like a description.

Some facts are wrong here. Benny The Butcher was never the part of Shady Records. Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine did not left the label, their contract was just expired. Royce 5’9″ is still on the label. Joel Ortiz did not left the label as well, the contract was frozen because of Joe Budden running his mouth. As far as Yelawolf, he was nowhere near flipping when he was on Shady.

Benzino also accused Eminem for not responding real lyricist but easily going at pop stars: “My ni–a Young Zee dissed you, Milkbone dissed / you, [?] dissed you, Pacewon dissed you (Okay) / Real lyricists but you ain’t go back at them did you? (Never) But you would rather battle pop stars just to get your issue / You like to pick the low hanging fruit lets get this clear / You dissed, Elton John, your mum, your ex, Britney Spears / You dissed Lana Del Ray fam, Moby, Iggy / Will Smith, Nick Cannon, Insane Clown Posse / A retired Joe Budden, when I tell a lie stop me (Stop me) / Machine Gun Kelly, that boy damn near whipped you (What) / Come on dog, how Vanilla Ice gon’ diss you?

You can listen to a diss record below and tell us your opinions in the comment sections of our social media accounts.