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10 best Eminem guest hooks



Best Eminem Guest Hooks

We have listed some of the best Eminem guest hooks of all time. Check the list below and tell us your opinions in the comment sections of our social media accounts.

1. Tony Yayo – “Drama Setter” (feat. Eminem & Obie Trice)

“Drama Setter” was released on Tony Yayo’s debut album, called Thoughts of a Predicate Felon. The album was released in 2005 and sold 214,000 in its first week. Production for the song was handled by Eminem, Luis Resto, and Jeff Bass. “Drama Setter” was not released as a single for the album.

2. Jadakiss – “Welcome To D-Block” (feat. Eminem, Styles P & Sheek Louch)

Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch, the 3 members of The Lox, often shout out D-Block on their songs. It’s what they call their neighborhood in Yonkers. The term may have been coined as a reference to the maximum security wing at Alcatraz, but regardless of it’s origin, The Lox have turned D-Block into a catch-all term for a rough and scary neighborhood. Eminem drops one of his best verses in a guest-spot and gets all sing-songy on the chorus. Definitely worthy to be included in the list of best Eminem guest hooks.

3. Jeezy – “Talk To Me” (feat. Eminem & Freddie Gibbs)

The Drumma Boy-produced track that was leaked in 2011. This song actually had some drama behind it. It started with Jeezy wanting to get Freddie Gibbs on this song, however, Gibbs didn’t want to get on this song, due to him thinking getting on a song with Eminem, an artist he had little interaction with, made him look “thirsty.” Allegedly, Eminem thought Jeezy was at fault for leaking the song, but Jeezy blamed the song leaking on Gibbs, causing Jeezy and Eminem’s relationship to end, and starting beef between Freddie Gibbs and Jeezy. The chorus is considered one of the best Eminem guest hooks he has ever made.

4. Trick Trick – “No More To Say” (feat. Eminem & Big Proof)

The Eminem-produced song from Trick’s 2005 album, called The People Vs. On the seventh track, Trick Trick makes it clear to everyone in Detroit that he isn’t someone they want to mess with. Having Eminem and Proof giving them a warning that they’ll regret it if they dare get on their bad side, by taking that step showing s–t will get personal. Eminem is known for condoning violence due to his history with the law of battery assault and gun charges and Proof most definitely be sure to not let anyone pick on any of his homies who got his back.

5. T.I. – “That’s All She Wrote” (feat. Eminem)

This marks their first collaboration between Tip and Em since “Touchdown.” The instrumental is a mellow affair, a series of guitar strums, both over staccato 808’s, allowing both rappers to take center stage. Around Thanksgiving in 2010, just a few weeks before T.I.’s No Mercy album was officially released, a version of this song surfaced on the Internet that featured a different Eminem verse and lacked a bridge from T.I., though it’s presumably only a demo. This track is produced by Dr. Luke, a renown contributor to T.I.’s other music.

6. Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. – “911” (feat. Eminem & B-Real)

“911” is about hip-hop escalating to death threats and violence. As Monsta G detailed in a 2020 interview for The Lesson w/ DJ Sanchez, the song came about as a quid pro quo for Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E.’s protection of Eminem whenever he visited the West Coast, as he was being extorted by the Crips.

7. Dr. Dre – “Die Hard” (feat. Eminem)

A song from Detox that premiered on the final episode of “Fight Camp 360º: Pacquio vs. Mosley”. The final version has never been released.

8. Slaughterhouse – “Our House” (feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey)

“Our House” is used as a metaphor for the rap game. Royce, Joell, Eminem, Joe and Crooked I have all payed their dues and now it’s their time to be on top, warning everyone that the industry is their house now. The placement of “Our House” on Welcome To: Our House may also indicate that their house is their album, as “Our House” is the first full-length song, following the intro skit “The Slaughter.”

9. Xzibit – “Don’t Approach Me” (feat. Eminem)

Off Xzibit’s 2000 album Restless. A low-budget music video was shot, even though it wasn’t released as a single. The song was produced by Eminem.

10. Obie Trice “Hands On You” (feat. Eminem)

The thirteenth track off of Obie Trice’s debut studio album, Cheers. Obie tells a girl that if she promises to stay with him, he’ll be the best man he can for her. Eminem helps out on the hook and bridge, and both rappers, along with frequent collaborator Luis Resto, produced the song.

List of best Eminem guest hooks provided by Southpawer. Song description written with the help of Genius.