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Russ reacts to Eminem’s streaming numbers



Russ / Eminem

Secaucus, New Jersey-born rapper Russ looks impressed by Eminem‘s streaming numbers after Hip-Hop All Day shared the list of most streamed songs this week on Spotify.

Russ retweeted Hip-Hop All Day’s tweet and said it’s his goal to match Eminem’s longevity: “Eminem’s longevity is f—ing insane. Goals.” he wrote in the caption.

This week, Slim Shady was the only artist to have five songs in the top 20 most streamed songs on Spotify, with “Mockingbird” earning the most, more than 14 million streams. Check out top streamed songs this week below:

Most streamed songs this week on Spotify

16.8m – Players
14.1m – Just Wanna Rock
14.1m – Mockingbird
13.3m – Rich Flex
12.2m – Superhero
12.0m – Watch This
11.3m – On The Street
10.6m – Trance
10.2m – No Role Modelz
9.3m – Without Me
9.3m – LET GO
9.0m – Red Ruby Da Sleeze
8.6m – Private Landing
8.2m – The Real Slim Shady
8.0m – Jimmy Cooks
8.0m – Superman
7.9m – Lose Yourself
7.8m – Painting Pictures
7.8m – In Ha Mood
7.7m – Revenge
7.6m – Gangstas Paradise

“Mockingbird” has also recently joined the billion-streams club on Spotify, making it Eminem’s 7th song to reach this milestone. To celebrate the accolade, Shady Records tweeter shared the link of the song with the caption: “Maybe one day we’ll wake up and this’ll all just be a dream” Eminem’s #Mockingbird hit 1 billion!”