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James Larese talks about working with Eminem on Empire State Building performance




No Jumper host Sharps has recently sat down with the video director James Larese to talk about the business, how he navigates his way to success, artists he has worked with, how he keeps his motivation going and much more.

At one point of the interview, Sharps asked James Larese to talk about working with Eminem on Empire State Building performance of his “Venom” single from 2018, off Kamikaze album.

“I’ve worked very very consistently with Eminem for many many years, since about 2008. So, he was gonna perform. He had this song “Venom” out and he was going to do that performance. They did an actual music video for it as well but this was gonna be the separate live performance that we were gonna shoot live.” said Larese.

Then he continues: “Eminem is amazing. He’s genius. He’s a genius, that’s all I can say. And here is a thing. We shot it a week before the Kimmel show. Before it was gonna air. And it was planned out where on that day that it was gonna air Kim will throw it to them and it would seem as if it was right then. So, because we did that a week ahead of time it had to be a secret. So how you do that? It could not let be known because then everyone would know it was not live when it actually aired. People do that all the time when they shoot things.”

“So, basically we had 70th floor up of the Empire State Building for about two days. To rehearse and sequence, the lights of the Empire State building to the song, so when we would play the song the lights of the Empire State Building would pulse to the beat, they change it. And then we had two helicopters, one that was filming his performance and one that was shooting that helicopter shooting him. I wanted to take advantage of that fact that we were actually using helicopter so I wanted to be able to shoot the helicopter in the shot.” he added.

Earlier this month James Larese, who has previously worked with Eminem on “From Detroit To The LBC,” with Snoop Dogg, “Is This Love (09′),” with 50 Cent “Darkness,” “Rainy Days” with Westside Boogie, “Lucky You,” with Joyner Lucas, “Fall” and “Fast Lane” with Royce 5’9″ music videos and SNL sketches, also hinted that Eminem has something planned in 2023.

You can watch the new interview below: