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Wack 100, Stat Quo, Rockwilder & others talk why Eminem is the GOAT




Wack 100, Stat Quo, Rockwilder and many more on Clubhouse debated why Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time while holding “The Slim Shady LP” listening party!

“Listen, let me tell you something. I love Biggie, I love JAY-Z. I’m from Atlanta and I love Andre 3000 but you gotta understand this is a white boy coming into a lack dominant culture and he got the respect from us. We respect him lyrically and right now if he puts out an album he gonna sell the same amount of records as all your favorite artists that’s popping right now! Everytime he drops that s**t sells millions. When debating ‘greatest,’ I understand some of you wanna say “no” to him but Eminem is one of the goats.” – said Stat Quo.

Wack 100 and majority people in the room agreed but some of them didn’t, especially the one and only Benzino 🙂

If you have free time of 2 hours and a half, you can listen to the full debate below: