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Grip talks about his new album, shares best advice from Eminem




GRIP has recently talked with Mike Boyd where the two discussed his new album ‘I Died For This!?’, advice from Eminem, and Grip’s proudest moment.

East Atlanta rapper goes on to talked about his personal self-growth and what it took to get to where he is now. He also revealed some of his favorite lines from the project.

Shady Records latest signee even talked about bending genres and why he decided to put a rock-influenced song on the album.

As far as the best advice he received from Eminem, Grip said: “He said, when he started out in this s**t he was kinda of worried if he had the “it” factor and he told me, don’t worry, it will come to you. The story abut him and Royce being drunk as f**k back in the days and he wakes up and his hair is blonde as f**k and it became a thing. And to see how iconic he is today and me being a kid it was like ‘this s**t crazy!’. Hearing backstory from the man himself. So the best advice I got was to not force s**t and to be yourself. You will be cool, you will be good.

You can watch the full thing below and make sure to stream ‘IDFT!?’ on every streaming platform!