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Fat Joe says him & Big Pun were standing in line to get Eminem CD




Fat Joe has recently teamed up with Bow Wow on Instagram Live and as usual, the Ohio rapper was asked his Top 5 rappers dead or alive. Check the conversation below:

Bow Wow: Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Ice Cube, LL Cool J and Jay-Z. I was going to throw Eminem in there. I’ve seen lots of cats asked about their Top 5s and they are not putting Eminem in there but as far as lyricism and wordplay he deservers it. I just don’t understand how Eminem rhymes the words that does not rhyme but he makes them rhyme.

Fat Joe: He’s incredible. Eminem is something else. You know and I know if he was not something else he would not be where he’s at. Because they would not let him get that type of pass. That man was so exception. I remember when Eminem’s first album came out we were in LA for Grammys and me and Big Pun waited on line, and Pun was nominated for two Grammys and he was double platinum and me and him literally, physically waited on line at the Tower Records to buy Eminem’s album. One of the biggest misconception ever is to all the other new white rappers who come up in the game they feel like they gotta diss Eminem to get on another level. Which is NOT TRUE. And they wanna go to war even though they dead nice too. The next Puerto Rican rapper don’t gotta diss Fat Joe! Show me love, I’ll embrace you and show you love!

Bow Wow: It’d be a clout too Joe. But clout only lives short. It’s gonna last two or three days.”

You can watch the interview below: