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Fat Joe defends Eminem after Melle Mel’s discrediting comments




In a recent interview with The Art Of Dialogue, legendary rapper Melle Mel of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five criticized Billboard and Vibe magazines for placing Kendrick Lamar and Eminem in top 5 greatest rappers of all time list and Fat Joe is the latest rapper to disagree with The Bronx, New York-born hip-hop pioneer.

“Obviously, Eminem is a capable rapper. He got a rhyme style,” says Melle Mel, “But he is white! He is white! If Eminem was just another ni–a like the rest of us, would he be top 5 on that list when there are at least 35 ni–as that can rhymes just as good as him?! If he was a black rapper he would not even make a list.”

50 Cent responded in now-deleted Instagram post: “There was more money selling dope than being in Hip Hop when Melly Mel was popping, the culture has grown so much. I am not sure if it would be what it is today with out artist like Eminem. S–t I am not sure I would be who I am with out him but you know it is competitive so ni–as gonna hate. LOL f–k outta here ! We sucker free.”

Kxng Crooked also came out in defense of Eminem in the 5 minutes clip shared on Instagram: “That was the funniest clip I’ve seen all day. I could not stop laughing for 5 minutes…If somebody decided to create a round table and only the most brilliant lyricists in the history of hip-hop could sit I’d be sitting at that table like ‘what’s happening Marshall?’ Eminem will be sitting at that table! So, as one of the most brilliant hip-hop writers in the history of the culture what do you think Eminem deserves? Every f–king thing he has cause he is brilliant.”

Detroit actor and rapper Page Kennedy also backed Eminem and threw some shade at Melle Mel on Twitter: “Melle Mel sound like a hater saying Eminem only top 5 cause he white. Ni–a you know how many white rappers there have been. Have any of them ever been in top anything? No stfu. If Melle was white do he think he would be in the top? Top-less is about it.”

In the latest episode of his The Biggest podcast, Fat Joe also defended Eminem and said that this is the first time he ever disagreed Melle: “I worship Melle Mel and I tried not to talk about this way because I never in my life disagreed Melle Mel but this time I have to disagree with him. Right now, I’m guilty of it. Melle Mel says something that I disagree with. But I’m still hesitant because of the respect for the culture I have that I salute him so much that to disagree with him publically…We have this s–t in black community, even if we disagree we just shut up and with that being said if Eminem was not beyond phenomenal, hip-hop would never gave it up the way we gave it up to him.”

You can check entire thing below: