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Obie Trice shows love to Eminem during Rotterdam show, opening for Snoop Dogg




Former Shady Records artist, Obie Trice is an opening act for Snoop Dogg’s European Tour which started in Rotterdam, Netherlands on September 19 at AHOY Arena.

Obie performed some of his classic songs from Cheers album, including “S–t Hits the Fan” which features Eminem and Dr. Dre.

“Rotterdam was very special for me and very special for my team and very very special to Breonna Clayton I said f–k rap we dedicating this to mental health awareness one show down let’s go!!” wrote Obie on Instagram after the show.

Before performing “S–t Hits The Fan,” the Detroit rapper played “Without Me” and showed love to his former boss Eminem: “F–K that! That’s ma ni–a. I want everybody to put your hands in the air. This is my motherf–king ni–a. Marshall Mathers! Bring that s–t back!” and “Without Me” starts playing again. At the end of the track, Obie gave shout out to Eminem again: “Got have to pay homage to Mr. Marshall Mathers. One of the greatest of all time!”

During the “S–t Hits The Fan” performance, Obie made DJ to stop the beat and made the crowed rap Dr. Dre’s verse: “I need you all to sing Dr. Dre verse. Makes the noise for Dr. motherf–king Dre. Put your middle fingers back up.”

You can watch the performance below:

Watch the full show below: