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Obie Trice responds to Benzino crying & namedropping him on Eminem diss




Few hours ago, former Shady Records artist, Obie Trice responded to Benzino crying during Drink Champs interview and namedropping him on Eminem diss song “Rap Elvis.”

Obie shared a picture of Benzino crying on his Instagram with the caption: “Marshall needs no help. Please stop. You talking about my champ GOAT n-gga, you weird. Look at this guy he’s in between blessings. LEAVE EMINEM ALONE FOO. I pray for humankind this n_gga cried on Drink Champs, what?? There’s no beef. No one cares bro. Get money, LIVE!! FOR YOU Benzino ‘f-ck Eminem’ you will never win bro. Whhhossahh, as a black man you playing yourself. Crying.”

He continued: “We destroyed you years ago LET IT GO!! I hope the best for Benzino. You said my name in your song bro. Man, it wasn’t eyebrow raising, you reaching for what OG?? .. get to the money!! I looked up to The Source magazine I grew up off that sir!! Go back and listen stubborn old man we took you out years ago you thought dawg was a w-gger.  I would have never been there bro. PLEASE STOP YOU EMBARRASSING OUR CULTURE BRA. ITS REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS TO BE. This not Elton John, we will never respect what you said about that man’s daughter bruh gets some therapy that sh-t works, if you engage keep going homie.”

In the song Rap Elvis, Benzino raps: Okay, you found 50, and you put on five Detroit n-ggas / Rest in peace to the best one, the rest of them sound iffy / So let’s go down your stable (Okay) / Gunn left your label (Uh huh) / Benny left your label (That’s right) / Con’ left your label (Ah) / Royce left your label, Joe Budden left your label (Damn), Ortiz left your label, know Crooked I couldn’t save you (Nah), Yelawolf been out here floppin’ and where the hell Ca$his at though? (Where he at?)/ Heard from Obie Trice only twice and not a word from Stat Quo (Not a word) / With all them false lines that you pitched them / Shady Records sound like less of a name and more like a description (Stop it).”

When Obie says “we will never respect what you said about that man’s daughter,” he’s referring to Benzino’s 2002 diss track “Die Another Day,” where he raps: “Tell Hailie it ain’t safe no more (nah) / Daddy better watch your back at the candy store / You f-cked up / Resort to plan B, f-ck around, she end up like JonBenét Ramsey (that’s right) Matter of fact you better check the DNA (what) / She probably ain’t yours and where’s your wife Kim anyway?”

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