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Studio session of Benzino & his ghostwriters of Eminem-diss has been leaked




Popular YouTuber Cliff Beats has recently received a message from stranger who is asking $20,000 dollars for leaking Benzino ‘s 10 hours session of Eminem diss song “Rap Elvis.”

Here are the messages and video Cliff Beats received. “Peace, reaching out to you on behalf of the actual artist/producer of Rap Elvis to ask you if you think there may be a buyer for the actual reference track. Think it’s time we leak it. If so, let’s talk. If you may not know of anyone that may not want to purchase it to leak no problem. Thanks in advance.”

“We recorded it out here in the A. My guy Ness is the writer/producer of the track. I’m the one who put the whole play together. We talked about reaching out to someone that might wanted to get compensated being that it’s a piece of a puzzle everyone is looking for. I checked a few of your videos out and you seem like a solid individual so I reached out.”

“Have not shopped it yet. We definitely have the whole recording process. Just say it was Dr. Dre with Eazy-E first song process. Line for line. I only sent you that so you know I’m not bs’n with you. We talking 20K. That way we get payed and the person that drops it first get monetized through views and reactions. If you yourself pass, maybe you have someone in mind that may want an exclusive. I hollered at you first because I can appreciate how you break down your videos and can tell you know what you are talking about.”

“Got the whole studio session, as well as the whole reference track. Same person that did the reference track is the same person engineering the whole session. He did everything except the album cover which was my homeboy girl. I know because I was there whole 10 hours of recording! One way or another, I do appreciate your help. Two of my guys had their cameras tolling in front of everyone. Regular cams, no phone footage either. Just let me know what you hear. Thank you again.”

You can check the leaked video of Benzino and Rap Elvis creators and messages below: