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Lord Jamar reacts to Eminem dissing Melle Mel




Lord Jamar has just made a whole podcast about Eminem dissing Melle Mel on Ez Mil’s new track titled “Realest.”

In the 275th episode of Yanadameen Godcast, Lord Jamar discussed Eminem’s verse and explained to his viewers why Slim Shady is wrong for going at one of the pioneers of hip-hop.

“Earlier this morning, I get the message from my brother, he’s like ‘yo, did you hear this song where Eminem goes at Melle Mel?!’ I thought ‘WHAT? NO! Not in the 50th anniversary of hip-hop, are we going at Melle Mel?! One of the forefathers?! and Eminem is doing that?!'” said Lord Jamar.

Then he continued: “So, this song gets sent to me. First of all, that’s somebody else’s song. I thought it was a wrong song because somebody else started rhyming. He went back to me again in the song, without mentioning my name. But yeah, first I thought I had a wrong song cause it sounded like younger dude rhyming. Whoever it was, he could rhyme. He was pretty good. I didn’t listen to the whole thing though because I was trying to get straight to the Eminem verse.”

“So , we get to Eminem verse and he’s saying a bunch of s–t that I have said before. He definitely said ‘yeah I’m the guest’ but he said he turned the house into a mansion or some bulls–t. Then he talks about ‘yeah they don’t play me at clubs’ and he tries to act like so what. You only know that because you still performing in those clubs. And that right there is a real dig to any artist. Especially from back in the days that still has the honor of performing. Brand Nubian perform in clubs, Big Daddy Kane performs in clubs, Rakim performs in clubs. So many famous rappers perform in clubs. That little jab about performing in the clubs that was a swipe to a whole lot of people that I don’t think he may have realized.” Lord Jamar added.

Then he continues talking about Melle Mel lines. You can watch the entire podcast below: