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Ice Cube says he’d choose Eminem as his ally in a rap battle




Legendary Ice Cube took some time to touch on a variety of topics with The Guardian magazine.

While the interview covers things from his past, like his break from N.W.A., he also touched on a hypothetical situation. The interviewer asked: If you had to choose two rappers to join your team in a rap battle, who would they be and why?

On which Cube replied: “Eminem is one of the best rappers that’s ever blessed the mic, and I feel the same way about Lil Wayne – I would not mind going into battle with those two.”

This is not the first time Ice Cube showed love to Eminem. Couple of years ago, he listed the top 15 greatest emcees of all time and included Slim Shady into it.

“I go back to guys who set the bar.” said Cube. “One of my first greatest is Melle Mel, another great emcee, I believe who brought more style to rhymes is KRS-1, another guy is my favorite of all time who introduced consciousness on another level into rap it’s Chuck D. Another one is another trendsetter, one of the OGs who helped the west coast get on the map, that’s Ice-T.”

Then he continued: “Snoop is one of my favorite rappers of all time, so is Biggie, so is Jay Z, so is Nas. We got rappers like Ras Kass on the west coast that’s crazy, Eminem – one of the best to ever touch the mic. Lil Wayne goddamn, he’s nasty! Oh, and Black Thought, monster! I’m gonna say Slick Rick. I’m gonna leave the last one blank [Laughs]. There are so many great emcees to name.”

Check out the entire thing in the video below: