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Westside Gunn feuds with Eminem fans on Twitter




Former Shady Records artist Westside Gunn has recently been involved into an argument with Eminem fans on Twitter. This is not the first time the Griselda artist clashed with Stans, in fact, it happened in several occasions, even when he was still signed to Shady.

Yesterday, one of the fans tweeted: “I don’t know about you but we need a new Shady Records full roster photo shoot.” On which, the Buffalo-born rapper replied: “I don’t know if this ni–a got the memo or…” One of the users replied: “Did this trigger you this much?” Another commented: “You should be thanking him for all the attention he gave Griselda.” Someone added: “WSG always seemed so ungrateful. At least Conway continues to give props.”

Westside Gunn hit back with another tweet: “Shut up before I have Hov and Elon get this account blocked and then you’ll have to set up a new one with my d–k in your mouth with your new name Westside Guzzler.”

The back and forth got heated when the user responded: “You have zero pull Elon does not know you fata–. Westside replied with his photo with the caption: “Keep them coming you bum a– ni–a. I need the energy because after all of this I’ll still be a GOD and you….Desperate for a like, don’t even get paid to do s–t you can’t be worth anything.”

The user hit back with, I just made you post a selfie, I run these streets. WSG kept going and responded: “I can never beat you brother. You are on an app you automatically win but when you sleep on the twin size mattress tonight, just thank GOD you was able to even get my attention and I was bored and haven’t did this in a while. Had to make sure I still had it.” The user clapped back with: “You could not fit on a twin size mattress.”


Westside Gunn clashing with Eminem fans is no surprise. Last year he posted an album cover with a chainsaw mask and he was told “bro thinks he’s Shady.” On which WSG replied: “I rather jump off a bridge.”

You can watch the full story below: