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Fans think Eminem’s new merch is theme to his new album




Eminem has just recently released new merchandise with new visuals from a car graveyard. “I have been sent here to destroy you.” Slim Shady tweeted the line from his 2000 hit single “The Real Slim Shady,” off The Marshall Mathers LP album, while sharing the link to the new merch with #ShadyDemolition hashtag.

Recently released merchandise includes t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies with “Shady Demolition Yard” and different paintings printed on them, which made desperate fans like me think there is something more than just a merch.

One of the users on reddit said: “Hmm, there must be something more to this” on which someone replied: “Egh, maybe. But then again, it could be like the “Camp Shady” thing and have it connected to absolutely nothing.” Another said: “Wasn’t that the time when he was like dropping new merch for multiple MONTHS while it wasn’t connected to anything (including camp shady at one point)? They are even quoting old lyrics in this post. I want new music as much as the next guy but I think this is probably just merch.”

Someone commented: “Y’all are so negative. This looks like more than a merch drop to me,” on that one replied: “I found it odd because it’s called “shady demolition” … usually his merch is linked to albums or just generally use the name shady or other song lyrics, but this feels like it’s a theme for something.”

Check fans reactions below:

Hmm, there must be something more to this
by u/Alexik15 in Eminem