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Kash Doll weighs in on Eminem VS Jay-Z discussion




Detroit rapper Kash Doll has recently sat down with VLAD where she talked about recent viral topic: Who had bigger impact on hip-hop culture, Eminem or Jay-Z.

“That’s hard to answer, you know why? Cause they are two different people. We got Jigga over here, that he talked it up. He came from the streets and rap, marry Beyoncé, own a liquor, making billion dollar plays. That’s different.” said Kash Doll.

Then she continues: “Then you got Em. Come from the D. He’s not black and his impact was like, still to this day, he’s still super huge. He has done all the stuff that he has done. What do you mean impact? Who hit the waves? Cause Em…Man that’s hard to answer. I’m not even about to do that because when Em came out he ran this s–t! Eminem! When he came out that was a thing. All you know is Slim Shady! And then Jay-Z…He was from the streets. I could never not respect that man come from the streets and be a billionaire. Man, they both did their thing. I’m not picking.”

Back in 2020, In a similar fashion to how Eminem united with 6 Detroit hip-hop artists to celebrate Detroit on 2014’s “Detroit vs. Everybody,” Big Sean went further on “Friday Night Cypher” and brought together fourteen Detroit natives — eleven rappers and three producers. The song is the only time Eminem and Kash Doll jumped on a track together.