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Ed Sheeran shows love to Eminem in a new video




Ed Sheeran has recently shared a video of himself talking about his iconic performance with Eminem at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame stage to his millions of followers on TikTok duet with HBO. The two performed Eminem’s legendary song “Stan,” featuring Dido from The Marshall Mathers LP album.

In the video, Ed Sheeran says: “So, I had a stutter when I was a kid, I could not speak properly and I would ttttalk like this and I had to go to speech therapy and part of my therapy was learning Eminem songs. Eminem was my favorite artist when I was a child.

Then he continues: “And when I got older and I ended up keen to work with him and meeting my idol, my hero. And we become friends. He asked me to sing “Stan” with him which is my favorite song from him at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. And I’m on the stage right now, thinking how the hell did I get on this stage and my dad’s in the audience. That was just a lovely, lovely day.

“I love you Em and congratulations for your induction at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.” Sheeran added.

Eminem and Ed Sheeran have made three songs together. The first song came out in 2017 when they collaborated on “River,” for Revival album. Two years later, Em and Ed collaborated on a song “Remember The Name,” which also featured 50 Cent and in 2020 the two again jumped on a track “Those Kinda Nights,” from Music To Be Murdered By album.

You can watch Ed Sheeran’s latest video below:

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