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Crowd loses it as Eminem makes surprise appearance at Ed Sheeran’s concert in Detroit




Eminem has just made a surprise appearance at Ed Sheeran’s concert in Detroit!

Wearing GRIP’s new album “STILL” t-shirt, Slim Shady and Sheeran performed “Lose Yourself” and “Stan”

The crowd at Ed Sheeran’s Detroit concert just lost it as Eminem stepped out joining the singer on stage.

The pop singer  was about three quarters through his concert at Ford Field on Saturday, July 15th, 2023, when he announced to the crowd that he wanted to perform a cover of “Lose Yourself”

In video footage shared on to social media, strumming to the beat to the hit song, Lose Yourself, Sheeran begins to sing the first verse of the song as the crowd cheers on and sings along.

However, the fans absolutely lost as the Eminem emerged from the trap door to the stage, continuing the song without a hitch. The cheers from the fans had gone ecstatic but they impeccably sang along with even more zeal.

One fan noted, “Eminem knows how to make an entrance, And the crowd erupted like it is really the greatest moment in their lives.. Thank you, Ed Sheeran.”

“Can I just say one thing? He was going to come on and do one song and I said you can’t just do one song,” the Perfect singer told the crowd.

After the performance. Eminem addressed the crowd: “Detroit, I missed y’all. Thank you. I appreciate you. I love you.”

You can watch the performance below: