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Stephen King reacts to Eminem’s surprise appearance at Ed Sheeran’s concert in Detroit




Stephen King, the American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, crime, science-fiction, and fantasy novels, has recently reacted to Eminem’s performance with Ed Sheeran in Detroit this weekend.

The audience at Ed Sheeran’s concert in Detroit on Saturday lost themselves in the music when the Motor City legend showed up for a surprise performance.

In videos posted to Ed Sheeran’s Instagram page on Sunday, the singer keeps the surprise close to the chest by telling his audience he wanted to perform a “cover” of an Eminem song. As Sheeran strums his acoustic guitar while singing his rendition of the iconic opening lines of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” Slim Shady is seen stepping on the stage to join in on the verse as the crowd cheered.


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“Detroit. What a moment,” Sheeran wrote in the caption of his post. Sheeran is also seen telling the crowd that Eminem was only going to come on and do one song. “And I said, ‘you can’t come on in Detroit and do just one song.’ Do you want another song?” The duo then performed Eminem’s 2000 hit  song “Stan,” which originally features Dido, from The Marshall Mathers LP album.

One of the fans shared the video of the performance on Twitter with the caption: “And 21 years after “8 Mile,” Eminem and “Lose Yourself” still bring down the house.” On which, Stephen King replied: “F–king great.”

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Stephen King also know as “King of Horror,” whose books have sold 400 million copies worldwide, has Eminem mentioned in one of his thriller novels, titled The Institute.

On the 435th page of the book, there is a conversation between two characters, where one of them mentions Eminem.

– You look remarkably stupid with your hat on that way, Mr. Jamieson.
– What can I say, I’m an Eminem fan, now shut up.

Eminem reference in ‘The Institute’ (2019) by Stephen King.
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