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Has Ed Sheeran just accidently confirmed another song with Eminem?!



Ed Sheeran / Eminem

Ed Sheeran has recently sat down with Rohit Sharma and Gaurav Kapur for an interview where at the end of their 40 minutes conversation they talked about Eminem. When Interviewer asked Sheeran to name his favorite artists that he worked with, here is what he replied:

I really enjoyed collaborating with Beyoncé. I just didn’t expect her to say yes. And Eminem… Eminem is someone that I’ve now worked with four times. He was my hero as a kid. I used to have a stutter and I cured my stutter by listening to Eminem music. I had an opportunity to meet him in 2013. I’ve had some success but not like a lot of success and I had an opportunity to meet him and I let him walk by and I said I don’t wanna meet him because I want him to meet me. I want that to be a moment. And then that came to fruition and now we are actually close. So, Eminem and Beyoncé are two of my favorites to work with.

Ed Sheeran and Eminem have previously collaborated on three occasions: 1. “River” 2. “Remember The Name” which also features 50 Cent and 3. “Those Kinda Nights”. So, Sheeran either: 1. messed up the counting 2. has another collaboration on the way with Eminem 3. has previously recorded unreleased track with Eminem. 

Out of their three collaborations, “River” is most successful. It reached No. 1 in the United Kingdom, making it Eminem’s 9th No. 1 there and Sheeran’s 5th. It also reached No. 1 in Austria, Norway, Scotland and Sweden as well as the top 10 in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Switzerland, and the top 20 in Belgium and the United States. The song is triple platinum in Australia and double platinum in Denmark, Sweden and United Kingdom. The song is also eligible for 3x platinum in the United States. The song also has more than 820 million streams on Spotify.