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Ed Sheeran pens heartfelt letter to Eminem & shares official “Stan” performance from Detroit




Ed Sheeran and Eminem joined forces in Detroit at Ford Field stadium on Saturday, when Slim Shady surprised Sheeran fans by joining the English singer-songwriter on stage for his covers of Eminem’s greatest hits “Lose Yourself” and “Stan.”

“I wondered if I can play you a cover of an Eminem song tonight,” Sheeran first asked cheering fans at Ford Field, as seen in various videos from the moment shared on social media. “I think you know it. We rehearsed it today — see how it goes.”

After Sheeran cut into an acoustic version of the iconic 8 Mile movie soundtrack song, Eminem appeared on stage and began rapping and crowed went absolutely crazy.

Later, Ed Sheeran shared the footage of the performance on Instagram with the caption: “I remember spraying my hair yellow and rapping Eminem in the school talent show when I was 11, insane to be able to bring him out at my show in Detroit. Really a moment I will never forget, a real career and life highlight. Loved being in Detroit again, the subtract show was magical, and the Ford Field show was honestly the loudest I have ever heard a crowd in my life. Motor city baby, you are the greatest ! See ya in Nashville, my unofficial second hometown.”

“We are about to go on stage in Detroit. I performed with Eminem few times but never brought him out on one of mine. This is the real childest dream stuff come true.” Says Ed Sheeran in the video.

You can watch the video below and check Ed’s post here.