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Shaquille O’Neal warns “Eminem” of dire consequences




During the recent episode of The Big Podcast, legendary Shaquille O’Neal had a completely different energy. The Los Angeles Lakers legend seemed to be in a mood of destroying everything that came in his sight. Shaq made a jaw-dropping move while trying to prove his point and he actually warned ‘Eminem’ and ‘Kanye East’ of dire consequences.

The 4-time NBA champion and his crew discussed various issues including Patrick Beverley & Deandre Ayton’s scuffle during the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns. O’Neal also gave his take on Ruby Gobbert’s supportive comments toward his team Minnesota Timberwolves as well. However, the most hilarious moment of the episode was Shaquille O’Neal going all crazy just to prove a point.

During the interview, the Big Diesel went into beast mode and claimed that he did not want to sit in his chair anymore. Just to prove his point, Shaq broke the massive thronelike chair he was sitting on, leaving Tuner and Spice Adams laughing hysterically. Eventually, the chair could not take Shaq’s power and collapsed completely. The Big Diesel proclaimed that he would sit in the tilted chair the whole episode.

However, the 15-time All-Star took the banter to a completely different level by firing shots at ‘Kanye East’ and ‘Slim Shady’. After Shaq, Spice Adams also tried to continue the banter by pretending to break his chair. Hilariously, the NFL veteran ended up actually breaking the chair leaving Shaq and Turner laughing their hearts out.

The whole fiasco led to a fiery comment from the Lakers legend. Shaquille O’Neal proclaimed emphatically, “If my chair ain’t like this next week when I’m coming. I’m gonna tear this whole goddamn studio up. Do not touch my chair. I’m telling you now Kenny Rogers, Kanye East, Slim Shady, ZZ Top in the back.”

Where this names come from? Shaq had actually renamed his crew members by the names of some iconic rappers like Kanye West, Eminem, and singer Kenny Rogers based on rough similarities in their appearances. And now it has turned into a running inside joke.

You can watch the episode below: