Dizaster says he heard Eminem’s response to The Game which will end Game forever

Last month Wack 100 said that The Game is releasing Eminem-diss record, titled “Black Slim Shady,” as his next promotional single for his upcoming album but the track has not seen the light of the day yet.

Surprisingly, one of the most iconic battle rappers, Dizaster has already heard the response from Eminem to the track that has not been released yet.

“Last week I heard the response to the Eminem diss record Game is gonna drop, and let me just say after this, The Game is most likely finished… HOLY F**K.” – Wrote Dizaster on Twitter.

This might be a cap cause if Eminem got the diss-record ready, Dizaster might be the last person to hear it :)) but who knows. Check his tweet below: