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Swifty McVay slams Charlamagne & Joe Budden for discrediting Eminem




D12’s Swifty McVay has recently chatted with Hip Hop XXIV where the Detroit legend and the interviewer talked about Charlamagne Tha God discrediting Eminem by his comments about Verzuz.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You can’t battle with a man’s opinion but alot of people use ‘this is my opinion’ as an excuse to sneak diss too. Charlamagne’s favorite rapper of all time is Ghostface Killah for being lyrical and if you acknowledge him for being a lyrical monster as well as other rappers you gotta acknowledge Eminem. To me, Tekashi and them are rappers but not lyrical monsters and to say that he’ll get washed by people who are not lyrical monsters and he knows to be a lyrical monster is one of the highest praises of hip-hop, it seems like he just don’t wanna give it up because of the certain reason. I don’t know what reason but in my opinion he wants to take little bit of that power away because of other reasons. That’s my opinion to his opinion. He knows deep down inside that Eminem would not get washed. He was talking it little bit too far in my eyes.”

“My thing is, fans decide who’s the greatest out here and if you got majority of the world saying that Eminem is the GOAT and you got these podcasters trying to take the power away it has to be another reason.. I think Joe Budden went too far as well. He went overkill when he was talking to his audience how whack he thought Eminem’s album was. He knew deep down in his mind that it was for the ratings as well. That s**t is not my cup of tea.”

“To be honest, I could be wrong, but in my opinion I don’t think Eminem will ever do Verzuz. I don’t think anybody is worthy to do Verzuz with Em. There might be couple of people out there I can think of but I don’t think he will do it. There is too many people out here who just don’t wanna give him respect he deserves because of the color of the skin. Give this man his flowers. He takes his crab seriously and he gives you all what these forefathers birthed and taught us to give lyricism, syllables, wordplay and you got these people discrediting him because they know deep down inside they can’t bring the level of lyricism that Eminem brings so they discredit his lyricism to compensate for them not being able to do it so they can be respected for not doing it.”

Watch the full thing below:

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