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Tom MacDonald responds haters who roasting him over buying Eminem’s beat for $100,000




Last month, it was reported that Eminem’s NTF beat “Stan’s Revenge” was bought by Tom MacDonald for $100,000 and now the rapper is responding to the controversy via 1 minute and 20 seconds video:

“Today I told the internet that I might be in possession of an original beat produced by Eminem and it seems like a lot of you guys are really mad and really confused, so let me help you. If I got a beat from probably the greatest rapper of all time, you should be happy, not mad.”

“If I got a beat from the man who literally inspired me to become a rapper, you should be happy, not mad. If as an Independent artist I invested $100,000 into myself to further my independent career, you should be happy, not mad. If I got a beat from Eminem and made history as the first ever independent artist to do that, you should be happy, not mad.”

“And If I did not do any of that then you have nothing to worry about, shut the f**k up. So in closing this is all hypothetical, I am not confirming or denying anything, but I got a big surprise coming and more clues.” said the Canadian rapper.

You can watch it below: