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MAJ talks how he managed to get on a track with Eminem




Young Dallas rapper MAJ, who was recently featured on Eminem’s new album Music To Be Murdered By: Side B on a song “These Demons,” has set down with BlackySpeakz to share the story behind the song.

MAJ tell really inspiring story, who like a lot of people, grew up being inspired by Eminem. And now years later he has a song with the legend himself. Check the new interview blow:

It was really crazy. When I heard I would be on new Eminem album, it was November. I was chilling in my room. And my manager called me, saying, you are not going to believe what happened. They didn’t tell me who was it. Eminem is very secretive person when it comes to drops and when he’s releasing he doesn’t want a lot of people to know about it.”

“When they sent me the track, there was only a hook, different artist singing. And I was like ‘Okay, will do that.’ I made the hook and like in two hours later I called my manager and told him ‘you gotta tell me who I’m doing this for’ and then he made me guess. And when I head it was Eminem… WHAT? Are you serious?!”

“Eminem does not reach out to people. He’s not that type who constantly seeking for stuff like that. He’s legend. He does not have to do any of it. It was so crazy to believe. It was hard to wrap that around my head.”

“That’s idol. He was literally telling me that I’m so talented, amazing, gifted. I was like ‘bro you f**king Eminem. You can’t be telling me this. He literally said I was gonna blow up. That was insane to take it in. It’s crazy to think about being a part of his discography, just being huge fan of him while growing up. Listening to his music. Watching my dad and mom listening to Eminem around me when I was young. It’s insane to be a part of this.

Watch the full interview below:

Eminem has also talked about the collaboration on Shade 45 recently: