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Jamie Iovine talks Eminem’s personality & Em’s potential acting in movies




Jamie Iovine, the son of Jimmy Iovine, joins Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman for Wrestling Inc. exclusive interview where he talked about Eminem’s personality and potential acting in movies:

Eminem is a funny guy. Eminem is first off, incredibly gifted and incredibly talented, but much more of a nerd than a lot of people would think. First off, loves comics, reads them all the time, and if you listen to a lot of his songs, he has a lot of references in there as well. He is not current in the product at all. They have licensed him a lot.

“I remember when I was with the company, there was a package that was made for John Cena – Bray Wyatt match at WrestleMania 30. And it was to an Eminem song, and so he is familiar with it, but he is not as deep. And he is also one of the more quiet people that you will ever meet in a person in a one-on-one thing. That is why he does not do a lot of interviews is because he’s very soft spoken. When you meet him, you are expecting mass chainsaw guy, and he is not.

“He is very reserved, very quiet, very shy is a word I would use, which really surprised me the first time I got to speak with him. You can tell there is a lot going on behind the eyes. There is a lot of thinking and analyzing, and I think the fact that he is sober now really has opened him up to a lot more than just hip hop. He is interested in a lot more things now. I would not be surprised if we see him be in a lot more movies going forward.

You can watch Jamie Iovine’s interview below: