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Murda Mook uses Eminem & Jay Z as examples of battle rappers becoming successful artists




In the latest episode of Drink Champs, N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN teamed up with battle rap legends Murda Mook, Loaded Lux and Math Hoffa.

They discussed legendary Hip-Hop battles, the evolution of battle rap, the art of battle rap and much more! They also brought up Eminem’s name in the conversation. Check it out below:

N.O.R.E: “I can’t give Eminem, I can’t give Busta Rhymes and I can’t give Jay Z the level of battle rap respect that I give you all (Murda Mook and Loaded Lux). Let me tell you why. I’m not saying they are not battle rappers. What I mean is, I’m not taking anything away from Busta, Jay Z and Eminem but the level of disrespect they didn’t go through that. They didn’t go to training camps.

DJ EFN: “I feel like Eminem comes from that. That’s where he comes from! That’s what he was doing in Detroit back in the days. Em was doing battling!… Em was in that league. Em was the part of all of that.”

N.O.R.E: “But that was not Eminem.”

DJ EFN: “Of course it was Eminem, what hell you talking about?! That’s exactly where he came from. Eminem was the part of that. He had all those.”

Loaded Lux: “I’m with you, I’m with out on that [DJ EFN]”

N.O.R.E: “I’m with you too but they didn’t do the level of disrespect.

After few minutes, they talked about if a battle rapper can make a hit record or a classic album.

Murda Mook: “LL Cool J, c’mon man, you are wildin’, KRS-1..”

N.O.R.E: “KRS-1 is not a battle rapper…”

Loaded Lux: “EMINEM!!!

Murda Mook: I just wanna say this, Eminem had the setting of a Dr. Dre. So, his mind in the frame or the architect work of a battle, I know what I need to set up to make a hot battle rhyme. Now, I can take that same genius mind, and program it over here to make a record, so I am gonna give you the variables to make a song. C’mon, Jay Z, all them ni**as come up raw battling. They came up raw battling, then they got in the studio and the ni**a told them to, ‘Go like this,’ so they can make a record now.”

Watch the full episode below: