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Kxng Crooked talks chances of Joe Budden & Eminem reuniting, Slaughterhouse, Dr. Dre & more




Kxng Crooked has recently set down with Premier Live TV to talk about Dr. Dre, Slaughterhouse, Joe Budden, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Death Raw Records and more. You can check out the interview below:

On why YouTube removed his interviews, including an interview with Eminem. 

“Shout out to Marshall Mathers. When you doing an interview and if you flash to some music or video that you don’t own the copyright to, sometimes you can play it for like 10 seconds. We played a clip for like 11 seconds and they called Google and they were like ‘we want this video out of here!’ and they yank my whole channel up. But it’s cool. People still can go to Crook’s Corner YouTube channel for all the different interviews that I’ve been doing. When you are with Marshall, you are here big fish. You attracted too much attention, you can’t do that with Marshall Mathers.”

On Eminem naming him in the list of Top 10 greatest rappers of all time.

“To have somebody like Marshall Mathers, Eminem, who recognizes you and says you are the most underrated artist in the world and you are my top 10 greatest rappers of all time. It means a lot. Because he’s technician. Not saying it wouldn’t mean as much from someone else but I think it means a little more coming from somebody who understands how to write, who understands how to deliver, who understands breath control, who understands live performance, who understands metaphors, punchlines, similes, storytelling. So when you got somebody on that level who gets it and says you are my top 10, it means a lot.”

On Joe Budden and Eminem situation.

“This is what I always tell Joe. You have a huge voice in the game. So if you say something, that s**t’s gonna resonate. If he says something I disagree with, as far as how s**t went down on Shady Records, you say ‘it happened like this’ and I say ‘naah, id didn’t quite happen like that.’ He just gotta be careful. His voice is big. And one day, I’m hoping him and Em will be able to sit down. They don’t gotta be friends again, they don’t gotta do none of that. Just be men and sit down. Because they cut from the same cloth. They are really deep artists. They love their craft. If you listen to Eminem Stan and Joe fan it’s lot of similarities. They are two good dudes trying to do right things. All that happened for no reason. I really wish they sit down. It might happen. But anyways I think Joe will get back to the booth.”

Kxng Crooked also talks about Slaughterhouse, Dr. Dre, Death Raw Records and more. You can watch the interview below: