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Stephen A. Smith explains why he choses Eminem over Nas




During a recent episode of the Connect The Dots podcast, the sports television personality, sports radio host, and sports journalist, Stephen A. Smith was tasked to choose the the better rapper between Eminem and Nas. According to Smith, Slim Shady has the edge over Esco because how he can relate to him more and how much more consistent his greatness is.

“I think Eminem is one of the greatest ever. I also think Nas is one of the greatest ever. Nas’ lyrics are off the chain, but it requires more street knowledge and just more of a comprehension of the verbiage to really dissect, whereas with Eminem…he gives it to you simple and plain. I’m going to have to say as much as I love Nas, and I do love Nas, I have to give the edge to Eminem.”

Smith added that Nas’s “best of” catalog is better than Eminem’s, saying: “Now the best of Nas is better than the best of Eminem, but Eminem’s there’s more consistency to his greatness as opposed to Nas is what I’m trying to say which is why I have to give the edge.”

This debate is more than just a comparison between two iconic artists; it’s a reflection on what criteria define greatness in hip-hop. Eminem’s appeal to a wide demographic, combined with his consistent output, challenges the traditional metrics of lyrical complexity and street credibility that artists like Nas embody. Smith’s perspective opens up a broader discussion about how we evaluate an artist’s contribution to their genre and what it means to be “the greatest.” Ultimately, both rappers have left an indelible mark on hip-hop, but the question of who reigns supreme is subjective and depends on the criteria one values most.