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Nas shouts out Eminem on a new song from “Magic 3” album




To celebrate his 50th birthday, iconic hip-hop artist Nas releases his 17th studio album, Magic 3.

Arriving just under eight weeks after Nas’ previous album, Magic 2, Magic 3 is the final volume in an album-trilogy collaboration between the New York legend and producer Hit-Boy. The duo first teamed up for 2020’s King’s Disease, and have since collaborated on four additional albums, including the first two entries in the Magic series. The first Magic record dropped in 2021.

Spanning 15 tracks, the new Magic 3 is lush with elements indicative of the duo’s partnership, as well as highlights, like the track “Never Die,” which features Lil Wayne.

In the outro of the 15th track of the album, titled “1-800-Nas&Hit”, Nas thanked few people who contributed to his six album run, including Eminem:

“Shout out Big Des and Knight
It’s all about the next generation
That’s what we here for, the next generation
Of course to Jung, the crew, the family
Big Lef, Modo, Jav Kevinsky
My geysers, Che, what up?
All my peeps, yeah
Haz, I said, Haz, yeah, let’s hear it back
Too many to name
Em, The Company
Exit, what up?
Mass Appeal
Annie, everybody, thank you

You can listen to the song below: