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DJ Akademiks reacts to Benzino crying over Eminem, says Hailie can be proud of her dad, not Coi Leray




During one of his recent livestreams, DJ Akademiks addressed Benzino crying over Eminem on Drink Champs interview and gave some friendly advices. Akademiks also implied that Hailie Jade can be proud of her father, but he can’t say the same about Coi Leray.

“Okay, lets actually put some logic to it. Yo, Benzino, the beef between you and Eminem is one-sided. Eminem don’t give two f–ks about you, whether you’re living, breathing, talking, nothing, okay? Let’s get that out of the mix. What we do and I think we all could appreciate about you and also discuss about you is that you have a daughter that’s actually thriving and we are gonna say she’s a relevant hip-hop star.” said DJ Akademiks.

Then he continued: “Here is a thing. I think you are going though issues that you probably created over time. Your relationship with your daughter that she has spoken about, your demeanor in hip-hop, how you probably even treated women themselves and also how people view you in terms of your peers, you’re seeing it all manifest because your daughter is in this game. And you’ve said it yourself that your daughter feels like she gotta be cool with Eminem because you hated Eminem and it prevented a lot of opportunities for you.”

“I have to say to Benzino…I think the problems that you have are not hip-hop problems. he problems are family problems. Eminem is not talking about you now. Eminem does not have beef with you now. Most of these things are the reflection of your daughter being a star. Most of these things are your daughter reacting to you different type of way. So you need to fix your family problems first and foremost. Eminem don’t got beef with you my guy. The bigger issue now is you and your family. Fix your family issues. I don’ think Eminem is someone who is a threat to Benzino at this point. I could be wrong but I don’t see it. He has a daughter [Hailie] who is successful and everybody want to be a superman for their kids. His daughter probably looks at him, well, you’re the guy that’s not liked in hip-hop and I wanna be liked. So, I wanna look up to my father but people don’t like you, people look at you in certain ways so now I gotta move a little different. I pray for you Benzino.” – DJ Akademiks added.

You can watch Akademiks’ livestream below: