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Jake Paul & Mike Tyson talk about Eminem & MGK beef




Jake Paul has recently sat down with Mike Tyson and DJ Whoo Kid on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson where the social media personality, actor, and professional boxer briefly talked about Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly beef. Check out the conversation below:

DJ Whoo Kid: Is MGK part of your repertoire?

Jake Paul: Yeah, MGK, we are cool and his whole squad.

Mike Tyson: He’s not cool with Eminem though, is he?

DJ Whoo Kid: Yeah, they got rap beef.

Mike Tyson: Why you gonna f–k with Eminem? He’s gonna be in bad shape man. That’s the last guy in rap you want to mess with.

DJ Whoo Kid: I don’t think anybody ever conquered Eminem in anything man.

Jake Paul: They had diss tracks back and forth. And they are both good. I don’t think there is a decisive winner in that rap beef. It honestly made both of them way bigger and it was very entertaining. Noone bodied the other one. It was good on both sides. It was a draw.

You can watch the interview below: