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Reggie Wright Jr. says Suge Knight never hated Eminem




In a new interview with bomb1st, the former head of security for Death Row Records, Reggie Wright Jr, talked about Tony Yayo saying Eminem confronted Suge Knight during 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” video shoot.

Interviewer: Tony Yayo did Drink Champs interview, and he talked about, the first time he got respect for Eminem, or, you know, something that he really admired about Eminem was that, when Suge pulled up at 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” music video shoot in 2003, everybody was running and scared and getting out of the backdoor and according to his story Eminem confronted Suge and he would not back down to him. Did you see where he said that?

Reggie Wright Jr.: I didn’t see that particular so I won’t be able to quote or respond to him directly on this particular one but I’ve heard the story before. That’s when Suge had Mexican dudes. I think I’ve heard this story from Kim’s bodyguard. We talking different time period. We talking 2003, 2004 or maybe a little bit later, I can’t say it didn’t happen or anything like that, I just know, when Suge comes like that it’s a plan to do something to you. Suge has never had a problem with Em. He actually never had. He really didn’t have hatred for Em like that. When Suge comes with numbers like that, no fearing, trust me.

This is not the first time Reggie Wright Jr. talked about Suge Knight’s attitude towards Eminem. Earlier this year, during an interview with PANDA CHOP! News, Reggie said that Suge Knight not only had a hatred to Em, he even liked Slim Shady: “Suge ain’t never really had no problems with Em to be honest. Suge always liked him, he always said he was a funny guy. He always kinda liked Em.”

You can watch the new interview below: