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Bang Em Smurf says Eminem was ready to go in a gunfight against Suge Knight for 50 Cent




Queens native and former G-Unit member Bang Em Smurf has has recently talked about a time when he and Eminem almost went into a gunfight against Suge Knight.

In an interview with 9 Side Entertainment he said once, while recording the music video with 50 Cent’s “In The Club” single, the Death Row founder pulled up and was ready to go.

According to Smurf, he was getting a haircut on the opposite side from where the crew was when Sha Money XL told him that Suge Knight had arrived on the set with some goons.

“I had to shake that off me and ran back like ‘I’m about to kill this ni**aa,” So I ran inside and said, ‘Yo, Suge outside. What you want me to do? Blow his head off?” said Smurf.

“I know if I killed him I would have been like five years. That’s nothing, and I would have been played like I was scared for my life.”

However, 50 Cent told him to hold it down. Then Bang Em Smurf returned to where Suge Knight was, and he said to him, “What’s popping?” And guess what? Eminem accompanied him with his bulletproof vest on.

“Eminem came back with the vest. Eminem was outside. Shout out to Eminem. Dre was not outside, 50 Cent was not outside but Em was outside. Shout out to Eminem, I love that ni**a. He gave us our first deal. Proof is my man. Rest in peace to Proof.” Smurf added.

You can listen to the interview below: