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Wicked says Eminem can go against Lil Wayne on Verzuz battle




Wicked from the Ghetto Mafia has recently sat down with B High Atl where he listed rappers who go against Lil Wayne in a Verzuz battle and included Eminem as the main candidate.

“If we are talking one on one, my catalog against yours, Eminem can go toe to toe with Lil Wayne. Jay can go toe to toe with him. LL is another guy. LL can go against anybody. Rock The Bell album alone, every song on that album, it’s 15! Nas, you know Snoop can go at anybody. His own partner Drake too. I said Em. We can throw Kanye up there.” said Wicked

Then he continues: “If we are talking about just lyricists, I have no argument with Lil Wayne. I know some people might be upset when I say but Eminem! Em’s a bad motherf–ker. We can’t hate. You know, some people are like ‘I can’t put him in there’ but that’s bulls–t.”

“After Dre and Snoop for a moment, I don’t know their personal business, but it was a little moment that they would not f–king with each other and that’s when he came in with Em and 50 Cent. And when he came with Em like ‘Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say’ Snoop was like ‘hold on now. Snoop had to do like that for a minute and he was like ‘maybe I should talk to Dre and square this away’ so like I said, I would put Em up there, like Nas and Jay but Lil Wayne does not have to apologize for saying that. This man held down this industry for 30 plus years.” Wicked added.

You can watch the interview below: