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Micah Parsons calls Eminem the most influential rapper of all time




American football outside linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League Micah Parsons has recently weighted in “Jay-Z VS Eminem: Who had bigger impact on hip-hop culture” discussion.

It all started when former professional basketball player, Jamal Crawford, who played in the National Basketball Association, drew the parallel to hip-hop to rank his top five NBA players of all time and used Eminem and JAY-Z’s impact as an example and said: “In my top five, the dominance outweighs the number. You can not change the game and say this person has more points than me, he is better. It is beyond that. Jay-Z’s affect on hip-hop is bigger than any album sales Eminem will have. That is just how it goes.” It seems Don Canon does not agree.

50 Cent also stated his opinion when The Hip-Hop Wolf Instagram page posted Crawford’s interview and asked fans if they agree to the statement or not. Under the comment section, Fifty replied: “Ha, bulls–t.” with Sneezing Face emoji.

No Jumper podcast host Almighty Suspect also denied Crawford’s statement: “Bro, I can name like six Eminem clones right now. Hopsin, DAX, Logic, MGK, that white McDonald dude that white dude who’s is making If-I-Was-Black songs. Joyner Lucas is one of them too. That’s the six. I’m not naming rappers that look like Eminem. I’m naming rappers who are actual clones of Eminem. I just named six. Tell me, name me, six Jay-Z clones.”

Battle rapper Math Hoffa avoided the question with a clever answer: “[Bigger impact had] Whoever mutually inspired both of them. Like LL Cool J, Rakim, Bigg Daddy Kane. Em said he was inspired by AZ.”

Micah Parsons seems to be the most straightforward and frankly in sharing his opinion on Twitter: “Eminem really might be the most influential rapper I ever heard!.”

Check the tweet below: