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Lil Wayne says he’s better than any other rapper Billboard listed, including Eminem




Billboard and Vibe magazines have recently unveiled an updated list of the 50 greatest rappers of all time and since then the hip-hop heads have been debating for weeks about the list that has Jay-Z at number one, Kendrick Lamar at number two, Nas and number three, Tupac at number four, Eminem at number five, Notorious B.I.G. at number six and Lil Wayne at number seven.

During an appearance on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music podcast show, Lil Wayne has entered into conversation and declared himself the greatest rapper of all time. Weezy says straight up, he is number one and even dares survey-takers to ask the emcees ranked higher than him how they feel about it. In his view, he thinks they would agree on the fact that Wayne is greater than them: “Bro, I am motherf–kin one. I mean, everybody they named, rest in peace, but they also know that I’m number one. Go ask them! Go ask them!

Lil Wayne proved himself to be one of the best rappers to ever touch the microphone but is he really on Eminem’s level? The two have jumped on a track three times: “Drop The World,” “No Love” and “Forever,” by Drake, which also featured Kanye West. During the interview on Drink Champs, Weezy talked highly about those joints and gave Eminem his flowers: “I did a bunch of joints with Em, that’s ma man. When you get on that joint with Em it’s like a championship game, and you win it, and they ask you how does it feel. I came in with my game plan and I expected my game plan to work. When you send a song to Em you attack it like that, like Nah, yo not going to do me like this. Either we going be right here level with it, and we’re going to make a beautiful, wonderful great song, but you ain’t going do me that above me. And that’s what we did. Can nobody say anybody got bodied. I just made sure that he didn’t body me, cause that boy is a monster.

For the recent Apple Music interview, hit the play button below: