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Jesse Wellens says Eminem is scared of the cancel culture




Jesse Wellens, a YouTuber who signed a deal with Beverly Hills talent agency WME few years back and has previously worked with Snoop Dogg on the music video for “BadBadNotGood,” has sat down with RomanAtwoodPodcast, where the famous pranker revealed he was supposed to direct Snoop and Eminem‘s “From The D 2 The LBC” video and talked about the conversation he had with Eminem about the cancel culture.

“I was supposed to do that Eminem and Snoop video. If you saw that song, they did a record together. That one fell through though, unfortunately. I was close. I talked Eminem on phone. It was crazy. We talked about the Secret Service. He was like ‘yeah, they showed up to me too.’ I was like ‘I’m talking to Eminem. It’s crazy!’ He said some s–t and he said the Secret Service pulled up on him too.” said Jesse

Then he continues: “And then I pitched him on this idea for the video because I’m pushing the limit. I was like ‘I got Eminem now, this is going to be big.’ And I was like ‘Eminem, I want you to cancel Cancel Culture.’ And he was like ‘I’m not touching it.’ I’m like ‘F–k no.’ Then I was like ‘There is only one person who can cancel ‘Cancel Culture’ and that’s you.’ He was like ‘No, I’m not doing it.'”

“The video was so epic. I wrote the treatment. It was basically like, he was a Slim Shady character, like the Jason with a honkey mask and chainsaw he bust into like a cabin and it’s a bunch of Tiktokers and you know, people these time, vaping, TikTok dancing, ring lights. All the stereotypical s–t that everyone’s on the phone. Bust into that with a chainsaw, cuts off somebody’s arm. They are spraying blood. And all the TikTok people are like ‘ohh s–t’ and then he grabs his severed arm that’s holding his phone and starts filming himself. He’s into it cause it’s content. And then he just starting murdering TickTok people. But they are not scared of it. They all think it’s content and they all love it and they are filming it. Think of like an old school Jason horror film. That’s what I wanted to shoot. And then when eventually story progresses, they are like ‘You know, this video is going too far, cancel Eminem.’ Like, they are trying to cancel him inside the video. So it’d be very meta. But Eminem was not into it. I get it though. People are scared of the cancel culture. It’s serious. Look at the Kanye West stuff going on. ”

You can watch the interview below: