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Hailie talks her weird experiences during Rock Hall trip with Eminem in LA




Hailie has released the latest episode called “Back To Reality” off her Just A Little Shady podcast and it’s mainly about Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, where Eminem was accompanied by her.

In the description in the video, Hailie writes: “Being thankful to live in Michigan- even after a surreal weekend in LA attending the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, putting our friendship to the test in Selena Gomez fashion after recapping the drama brought on by her new documentary, acknowledging the positive side of keeping relationships off the internet, and transitioning from our listeners’ seasonal spooky stories back to getting Just A Little Shady.”

The episode starts with the funny stories she went through during the ceremony night: “Getting to be there was definitely an experience I will never forget. There are some things that I will share but then there are somethings that I just love and cherish and will keep close to my heart and not share with you. But I have some funny stories that I have to share. And they are all about me.” said Hailie.

Then she continues: “It’s truly a wild west down there because I had some run-ins with experiences I’ve never experienced before so I’m happy to be home. [laughs]. I went out to eat and I’m used to living the benefits of living in good old Michigan and it would be weird to see a paparazzi, it would be weird to see a celebrity. I’m just not used to that. So I got to eat and a girl comes running over and she’s like, ‘hi, Hailie,’ and I’m like ‘oh my god, maybe somebody that listens to my podcast.’ Well, you wish! All of a sudden, out of nowhere, she pulls out camcorder bigger than her. I look same dead in the eyes because I don’t know what else to do. And I was like a deer in the headlights. I’m saying nothing. No words are coming out. Then I continue walking and a guy pops out nowhere and he’s taking pictures. All I could hear was voice in my head ‘PIVOT, PIVOT.’ So I quickly pivot. Somehow in that time when I pivot the guy gets around me the other side of me. We go back and forth so many times the guy’s laughing. And I’m like ‘Wow, I hope nobody ever see this and I hope it’s not on the video because I could have just acted normal. That has neve happened to me before.”

“And then, on the actual ceremony, while my dad was giving a speech, they wanted to film the audience reaction, they wanted to film my reaction. I’ve never been in such situation, having camera to film my reaction. They bring a knee pad for this guy, cause that guy was kneeling there for that long, and as soon as they throw the pad down for him to kneel on I’m like ‘wow, he’s gonna be there for that long?!’ And I start panicking in my head and I was trying to focus on the speech. But the camera was this close to me. And it was little lower angle because the guy was kneeling and all I could think  was ‘oh my god, do I have a booger?!’ I’m like ‘don’t make any sudden movements.’ I was barely blinking.” said Hailie.

You can watch the latest episode below: