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Chuck D wishes Eminem a happy birthday with the most original way possible




Today, hip-hop world celebrates the birth date of Eminem, including legendary Chuck D.

Chuck D is a founder, leader and frontman of the iconic hip-hop group Public Enemy, which he co-founded in 1985 with Flavor Flav. He helped create politically and socially conscious hip-hop music in the mid-1980s.

Long Island, New York-born rapper has joined the internet in wishing Eminem a happy birthday with the most original way possible. A painting of Eminem by himself. He shared the picture on Twitter with the caption: “Goat50 looks good on you champ many more.”

Check the tweet below:

Chuck D was a graphic design student from Long Island before meeting with a handful of students which ended with the release of ‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show’, Public Enemy’s debut album.

“In a digital era where people are listening with their eyes, I think we’re seeing the elements of sight, sound, story and style finally coming together in a way that I’ve been about my entire life” previously said Chuck in the interview with NME.

Revisit the legendary album below: