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KRS-One, Chuck D, Killer Mike talk about Eminem’s influence on rap in new “Fight The Power” documentary




BBC has just released 4-part documentary Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World written and directed by iconic Chuck D. The docuseries examine how hip-hop/rap music became a cultural phenomenon, with insight from some of the rap scene’s biggest stars. You can check the Eminem-segment below but all the episodes are free to watch on BBC iPlayer. US citizens have to wait for January 31 though.

Eminem: When all these millions of people were listening to me it was crazy to watch this whole thing cause I was like ‘people are tripping because I said that?’ It made me realize that hip-hop has impact not only on me but millions of other people too

Sway: Eminem was a dope rapper. I first met Eminem right after he won the Rap Olympics. He became popular purely because of his talent and his skillset and the fact that he was a white guy that was outrapping everybody at that time.

Killer Mike: You can’t talk about Eminem without talking about Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre foresaw N.W.A and helped create what Gangsta Music was. But he also understood that game needed to changing. What Dr. Dre recognized in Eminem was that, there is a place for poor white people to have say in this culture.

KRS-One: Listening to Eminem’s early stuff, what’s going on internally in the white home. He’s writing you out. He’s talented. He tells his struggles.

Killer Mike: What Em showed the bigger world that hip-hop could do would unite people to understand that everyone suffers underserved. He participated in the culture he loved and he brought new audience with him.

Chuck D: It was the first time in hip-hop and rap music you can get somebody who really seriously making Elton John type of money.

Then Eminem continues talking about Donald Trump and his The Storm Freestyle which divided his fanbase in two: “If its gonna divide my fanbase then so be it. You may divide some people but you are also gonna bring a lot more people together. And maybe I could take that opportunity in this platform I have to be somebody that could inspire change.”

You can watch Fight the Power: How Hip-Hop Changed the World Eminem-segment below: