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Joe Budden laughs at The Game’s Eminem-diss record




Few days ago, The Game released “Drillmatic: Heart Vs. Mind” album, which includes a track “The Black Slim Shady,” a diss-track aimed at Eminem.

In one of his latest episodes on Joe Budden Podcast, Joe Budden and his crew talked about the song.

“Don’t make me jump in there [discussion about ‘The Black Slim Shady.’ I’m trying to have a good time with it. Don’t make it serious,” said Budden. “You all like Game as Eminem better than Eminem as Eminem? ENOUGH OF YOUR THOUGHTS! You liked that song?! We booty clapping today? Are we not gonna tell the truth about that song?”

Then he continues: “I was listening to that s**t, saying, ‘why is Game doing that?’ If you don’t want to hear Em like this, I don’t wanna hear him like this! I don’t like it when the inventor of it do it in a voice and style that he worked on his entire life, so regardless of maybe fans being off it, he has crafted that. Game can do that, cool but you gotta know when to not do it. Game raps better than that… That’s the only song I can comment cause I didn’t hear the rest. That song… c’mon man..”

You can watch the segment below.