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Pete Davidson reveals how he was listening “The Eminem Show” without his mom noticing it




For the second season’s first episode of Hart to Heart, Kevin Hart sat down with Pete Davidson where the two discussed mental health, his future with a possible wife and kids, and his favorite ways to unwind.

At one point of the interview, Pete revealed how he was hiding from his mom when he was listening to Eminem’s “The Eminem Show” album when he was young.

“I have a secret for my mom,” Pete Davidson says. “The first record I have ever bought was ‘The Eminem Show.’ I was like 9 years old and it was sick record. Lots of cursing. Loved it!”

“But my mom was like ‘you are too  young for this, when you are twelve we might talk about it’. My mom loved Rod Stewart so what I did was, I made a print of a disk with Rod Stewart cover and I pasted it on top of the The Eminem Show so when my mom was like ‘what you listing to’ it was Ro Stewart but I never heard Rod Stewart song.” Davidson said.

Then Pete continues talking about his parodies of Eminem on Saturday Night Live. You can watch the podcast below: