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Hollow Da Don lists “Top 5 Deadliest Pens in Hip-Hop,” ranks Eminem at No.1




Veteran battle rapper Hollow Da Don, who played the role of a battle rapper named “40 Mag” in Joseph Kahn’s Eminem-produced movie “Bodied,” has recently hit Instagram to share the list of “Top 5 Pens in Hip-Hop.”

Don Lennon ranked Eminem at number one, followed by Nas, Rakim, Big Pun and Canibus.

In the caption of the post, the Queens rapper wrote: “These are top five deadliest pens. Who would you be lyrically impressed by wordplay, bars, and just difficulty level. Black Thought and Notorious B.I.G. could also go in here. But give me a better top five.”

You can check the post below:


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