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Denan Porter releases new single “I’m Leaving”




After dropping “Not Again” and “Let U Go,” Denaun Porter drops another single, titled “I’m Leaving.”

“I love feeling an emotion that could be from the past or just being inspired by a story I hear and translating what that must feel like into song… I love doing songs like these as well as just raw rap. Hell if you can do it why not right? I hope you enjoy.” said Mr. Porter while sharing his new single to the fans.

This time, legendary artist from D12 asked his fans to comment “raised hand” emoji if they can relate to the song: “The hardest thing to do is to leave a situation not in turmoil, but in peace…..When you know it won’t change?! You have to change! throw up the “✋🏾” if you can relate.” said Denaun on Instagram.

You can listen to the new song below!