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Colin Jost jokes about Eminem & Macklmore during SNL’s Weekend Update




Saturday Night Live is not live tonight, but its a replay that’s very worthy of a re-watch. SNL is going back to its season premiere to re-air the episode hosted by Owen Wilson.

The audience was also thrilled for the return of Weekend Update, where Michael Che and Colin Jost talked about infrastructure, Joe Rogan, R. the Kelly verdict, Disney turning 50, masturbating chimps, Obama’s Presidential Library, unvaccinated NBA players, Billie Eilish, white paint and Eminem’s “Mom’s Spaghetti” restaurant in Detroit.

“During the opening day of Eminem’s new Detroit restaurant, the rapper surprised guests by serving them pasta himself. Not to be outdone, Macklemore got fired from Olive Garden.” jokes Colin Jost.

You can watch the video below: