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Eminem shows support to Shoe Gang’s latest album “Shady Past”




Couple of weeks ago, Shoe Gang dropped “Shady Past” album featuring Mad Man, Supa Bean, MRK SX and The Lion Heart.

Kxng Crooked’s brothers are paying homage to Eminem by naming the album “Shady Past” and rapping over remade beats of “Kill You,” “The Way I Am,” “My Name Is,” “Stan,” “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” “Talkin’ 2 Myself” and “Till I Collapse.”

The COB emcees even dropped the music video for “Kill You” which was shared by Eminem himself. “You gotta check out this Shoe Gang project!” captioned Marshall on Twitter.

“Yoooooooo!!! Appreciate the support, bro! This means a lot. Thanks for the years of inspiration.” responded the Gang to Slim Shady.

Check out the tweets below: